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Property Management In
Downtown Clarksville, TN

How We'll Help With Your Downtown Clarksville Property Management Needs

A Clarksville native from a real estate family that owns and invests in real estate so knows how to mange yours.

Rental Marketing

Our rental marketing services include using the local MLS to showcase properties. We also syndicate rental listings to multiple online platforms to increase visibility.

Leveraging local MLS and top-rated online platforms, allows us to broaden your property’s exposure and get you more prospective tenants.

Rental Marketing

We perform marketing services through the local MLS and syndicate the listing to multiple platforms online.


We care about your investment. And we're committed to performing regular inspections on the property. Our inspections are performed in person to ensure a thorough check of the property. 

During inspections, we’ll carefully examine the property to ensure its proper maintenance and condition.

Tenant Screening

Our online application process streamlines the tenant selection process.

With 30 years of industry experience, we know how to effectively evaluate potential tenants. Our meticulous online application process combined with extensive experience helps us find the right tenants for properties.

Rent Collection

We offer tenants the convenience of online payment services. Tenants can also make direct payments at our office. So you can feel confident relying on our seamless processes. Because they’ll ensure you receive your rent on time.

Both online and in-person payment options ensure timely and efficient rent collection for landlords.


Our maintenance team is dedicated to ensuring the proper upkeep of your property.
And making certain it remains in top condition. That's why we work diligently to resolve any issues and maintain the overall appearance and functionality of your property.


The lease agreement outlines tenants’ expectations and responsibilities. They're held accountable for following the lease without exception.
We also enforce the lease agreement. This ensures that tenants fulfill their obligations and maintain a positive living environment.


What Sets Tucker Realty Inc
Apart From the Rest?

We Actually Know Your Name

Enjoy an exceptional customer experience with our personalized approach.
We're always available to property owners who need to speak with our supporting staff. We aim to foster sustainability and build inclusive communities that meet our clients' needs and differentiate us from our competitors.

We Are Experienced Professionals

With over 30 years of experience as a rental property owner and 25 years as a licensed realtor, our expertise in the industry is unparalleled.
Our hands-on experience, starting from helping my father with his rental properties, has given us a deep understanding of the rental market. And ensures we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every aspect of property management.

Our Systems and Processes

Our use of Buildium streamlines the property management process for both owners and tenants. The online portal provides owners and tenants the ability to monitor the property and complete relevant tasks remotely. The integration of Buildium into our systems and processes also ensures efficient communication, payment processing, and request management.

We Love When Our Clients are Happy

A Clarksville native from a real estate family that owners real estate so knows how to mange yours.

Rick Patel

Philip Tucker is an incredible realtor who has the skill to find unique houses that can become a family home. He has helped my family house hunt for years and he has always helped me find a home that meets my needs from kid friendly spaces to accessibility for my elderly parents. With that being said he still manages to find the most up to date house that matches my particular tastes and styles. Philip has never failed to impress my family and we would recommend him to anyone looking for a new home!

Kyla Boyd

My husband and I very recently underwent the somewhat crazy process of buying our first home. Phillip was so patient and helpful in the process. I think we looked at around 17 houses before finally finding "the one". Through every step of this process, he was extremely knowledgeable and took the time to explain in terms that we newbies could understand. Phillip was always extremely professional to deal with and always kept the appointments that we had set up. I can't recommend him highly enough!


About Downtown Clarksville

Downtown Clarksville is a vibrant cultural hub with a thriving arts scene. Visitors can explore sculptures, murals, exhibits, theaters, and music events, and interact with local artists. The area boasts historic architecture that sets it apart from other cities of similar size, with many attractive features. Downtown Clarksville also offers unique shopping, dining experiences, and breweries. The community frequently updates events calendars with activities like concerts, festivals, and other activities that visitors won't want to miss.

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Why Hire The Rental Management Experts at Tucker Realty Inc


You deserve to enjoy a higher return on investment. Let us leverage our expertise to increase your profitability.


Benefit from our reliable systems and processes. So you can keep apprised of all property-related matters.  

Peace of Mind

Managing a property alone can be a hassle. Owners trust us to safeguard their rental and provide a stress-free experience. 

More About Tucker Realty Inc
and Our Property Management Approach

Phillip Tucker is a lifelong resident of Clarksville, Tennessee. His family's real estate business spans three generations of the Tucker family. When Phillip was young, he went along with his father to the office. It was a small firm, much like his office today. His brother and sister have both made careers in the real estate industry. While Phillip has been a licensed agent for over a decade and opened Tucker Realty in 2002.

Tucker Realty was established to provide clients with an alternative to big brokerage firms. Because no one wants to be a number or mark on the wall to compete for some sales goal. We're here to care for you and your property. And we hope to be your agent in the Clarksville, TN area.

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